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Dpfi to mpfi swap D15b7

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I have a 1991 Honda Civic std and id like to get so better performance out of it. The previous owner put installed D15B7 engine and 5spd transmission from a 5th gen DX but, didn't swap to mpfi, leaving the old std dpfi setup and its pm9 ecu.

I have reed many dpfi to mpfi swap forums but should i get the obd0 4th gen Si parts (will they even work with this engine?) or should i upgrade to obd1 and get what the D15B7 engine came with?
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The a6 cam gear won't work for thst mini me. You need to get the above mentioned gear for the "y-series engines, d16y7/d16y8/etc"
not all a6 cams need the y series gear. there is the 88 a6 cam that can use the stock gear.
well was jst trying to help... u should save some money and get the mpfi swap first thatz the first thing u have to do to an dpfi engine but thatz jst my opinion.
good luck.

the cam wont help with the dpfi choking the motor. IMO get the MPFI done first then a short geared trans, once you are done with those save up and get the cam, header,intake. possibly mill the head deck the block if you want all motor. again IMO id get the mpfi done first
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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