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alright, can i use my stock ecu? or get the si ecu?

thanks alot
si ecu and you need to convert the ecu plugs so buy a conversion harness

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The best way to do it is find the wiring harness that runs from front marker light to inside the car back to the other front marker light and the wiring from the engine off of a 88-91 si civic or crx. I did this to my dx.. It is hard on the hands but no questions it will work. No effin around.
this is what you need to make it work properly.
dpfi to mpfi parts list:
harness from an Si
ecu from si
dizzy from si
complete Si IM
resistor box. (take from same si you got the wiring from)
Si cam.
Throttle cable from si.
Fire it up!
This is the best way to do it. No questions asked. No fuct up timing. no CEL. This will work!
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