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ok before i ask i want to say i have searched on this already. ok so here goes...i need the best write up on how to convert my 1988 crx dx to had a d15b2 in it but not anymore the engine is out of the car and a b series is going in...i need to know what i need for the swap and a few instructions on how to do it...ive found some stuff on the topic but none of it is good and it confuses me lol...can anyone link me to some or write an experience thaty had
any help is appreciated, thanx
-Chris :thehump: id be greatful enuff to be that smiley guy lol but only if u wanted haha sorry im a little messed up

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ahh that was kinda dick......its kinda a pain in the ass you have to wire up for all the injectors from the harness where the ecu plugs in, then it depends on what year motor your putting in there. is it an 0bd0 b16, like an sir motor, or is it an obd1? what ecu are you gonna use? if its obd1 you need a conversion harness and you can get rid off your resistor box, obd0 you keep it and prettty much just wire it up for 4 injectors instead of two

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In order to convert your dual point injection DX to multi-point injection you will need 4 injector plugs, an injector resistor box, extra wire, a wire stripper/cutter, heatshrink and/or electrical tape, and some patience. Also, when doing this conversion I would highly recommend soldering all connections and heatshrinking them. If you do not have access to heatshrink neatly wrapped electrical tape will do just fine. It is also extremely helpful to have an extra multi-point injection engine harness laying around to take plugs from (i.e. injector plugs, injector resistor box plug, and distributor plug). Listed below is a straightforward and easy to follow set of instructions to help you complete your DX to ZC swap:

DX to ZC

Inside car @ ECU

· Pins B10 and B12 are empty. Unused pins can be taken from B2 or B11. Some models have a wire located at B12.

· Cut orange and white wires off at C1 and C2 and connect them to wires added at B10 and B12. Orange-B10. White-B12. Leave enough wire for next step.

· Run wires from C1 and C2 (direct ECU connection) into the engine compartment. Label these wires for later use.

· Cut wires at A3 and A7 leaving plenty of wire. Run these wires into the engine compartment and label them for later use.

Outside car

· Transfer DX wiring harness over to ZC engine.

· TPS and EACV plugs are too short and must be extended.

· Be sure to switch green/white and yellow/white wires on TPS

Injectors and injector resistor box

· Connect the yellow/black wires from the two DX injector harnesses and run it to the yellow/black wire on the injector resistor box.

· Connect the yellow wire from the DX injector to the #1 injector (brown wire).

· Connect the red wire from the DX injector and run it to the #3 injector (blue wire).

· Connect the A3 wire to the #2 injector (red wire).

· Connect the A7 wire to the #4 injector (yellow wire).

· Connect the 4 red/black wires from injector resistor box to each injector.

Cylinder position sensor

· Connect C1 to blue/green wire on cylinder position sensor plug. · Connect C2 to blue/yellow wire on cylinder position sensor plug.
Thats it. Double check everything and start it up. Good luck!

Got info from here:

download and use the EF service manual here:

this will show you where your pin outs and shit are, if you have any questions with this, pm me and I'll help.
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