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Downpipe Question

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Hey guys. Wanted some input on this topic.. My brother has a 2004 dodge SRT-4 with side exit exaust. What do u guys think of running straight downpipe side exit exaust on my civic!? would it be pretty ricey sounding or would the turbo dampen the sound a bit. I know my brothers 2.4L in the SRT-4 sounds almost like a V-8 from the turbo and rumble and popping from back pressure but what do u think of it on a Civic?

I was thinking of running it like in this picture below except to have it straight off the downpipe, get it bent up so it comes out right behind the front passenger side tire. Hows that sound?

Pics of what i mean :
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looks ok, I'd be scared I'd crush it :lol:
i would rather just have a cut-out and a full exhaust, but the side exit doesn't look bad... if you like the look then go for it!
Electronic cut out!
whats electronic cut out
whats electronic cut out
you know what a cut-out is right? Well; and electronic cut-out (e-cut) opens electronically (instead of going under the car to unscrew wingnuts etc); usually told to open at a certain RPM to increase top-end power
ohhh okay.. gotcha. So if i was to do the side exit exuast i wouldnt get any of those functions? or does my car have those? cuase ive already cut out the Catalytic converter, and the resonator. so right now im running a header to straight 2.25'' piping all the way to the back with a stock muffler.
not a big fan of the side exit, but it's your car. do what makes you happy
how would it sound or do u know?
as far as sound is concerned, i haven't the slightest idea.
it will sounds like an open downpipe... loud; but with such a long pipe it shouldn't be too bad, having the exit on the passenger side would prolly be quieter to the driver...
it will be "tin"ey sounding, and probably will sound like abosolute shit. do what you want.
yeah, because us honda drivers have no compassion for our passenger!
yeah, because us honda drivers have no compassion for our passenger!
it is definitley loud and you can really hear the turbo spool, but almost to the point i think it sounds like shit. i would definitley go the electronic cut out way and just run full exhaust
my only experience would be installing an ecut on a 2000 civic si for a friend. it sounded bad ass, but then again, it was also dumping the exhaust from a fully built all motor b16, idk how it would sound on a stock d-series, but expect to wake the neighbors up
cut out ftw... on stock d, ftl
the side of ur car will get dirty
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