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Hi all!

My DOHC ZC turbo project nearly finished :TU:

ZC block
75.5 SRP pistons
Eafle rods
ACL bearings
Ported head
780cc precision injectors
AEM stealth
Tial bov and wg
Custom LSD
ACT HD + 6puck
gt2876r @ 0.7 bar

Made 220 whp and 260 bhp

D16ZC dohc, [email protected] - YouTube

Thanks for watching

93 Legend L Coupe.
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Turn up the boost. That turbo is no where near efficient at a piddly .7BAR of boost.

You will want to likely retard your exhaust cam a bit. You will carry torque a lot better.

That's not a very good powerband, IMO. I can make the same amount of power with a T25 and the car will be much more responsive. Granted, you can turn up the boost a lot more, but, that's besides the point.

Why is the turbo spooling so late?
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