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Okay what all do I need besdies the motor, distributor and ECU. Can somebody give me some help on the wiring and also can I use the DX tranny? I know when I had my HF CRX wuth a ZC swap, I used a DX tranny with it but if I am not mistaken these two trannies are different. Please guys I really need some help.

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Okay hang on here. Some things you need to be clear about first.

Are you talking first gen ZC or second gen? The second gen ZC (black top DOHC) will not bolt into your 84 Civic. The mounts are different.

The tranny will work on the first gen ZC as far as I know, however those are some long gears, you may want to look into an "S" tranny from the "S" model civics of that era.

Id love to help you more, but I'm don’t know much about 3rd gen civics or the ZC motors from that car. Good luck!

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krAzySi said:
you need the integra zc (NOT CIVIC ZC!!!) so the driver side mount bolts on to the chasis
While that applies to blacktop ZCs and 4th gen Civics/CRXs, are you sure that it applies to 1st gen CRXs and 3rd gen Civics? I've never heard of making that distinction on the browntop.

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I did a swap for my 3g Civic last year, best to look for the 1st gen teg 86-89 year model, as you can just swap everything over from teg to your civic. It will take away all the trouble cause by the 2nd gen DOHC ZC. All the mounting fits nicely without any fabrication needed.
Not too sure that the DX tranny will fit properly though. You can try, but suggest you go for Si tranny if you are going n/a.

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