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dohc times?

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so i was wondering what yall think id run in 1/8th mile and 1/4th mile?

dohz zc in 89 crx hf, with headers(wrapped with dei header tape),intake,full exhuast,msd ignition, si tranny, teg ecu, fully gutted(everything fully gutted i mean everything)nology wires, ported and polished intake manifold, so what you think without bottle

then 75 shot on it(wet shot)
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also has bigger fuel pump and all aluminum radiator
to many variables especially cause we don't know what kind of driver you are. just run it at a track
i just wanna know what to expect before i go. what would average be?
it will run a 32.303
nobody knows dude it's not an exact science just run it tell us what you ran and then we can help you to possibly make it better if you want
ok,ill let yall know. will be awhile ,i work to damn much
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