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Hey guys,

Figured I would share a funny story and some good cheap eats!

So my wife got SUPER pissed at me one night for doing something I dont remember doing... im sure that WAS the problem or at least contributed to it.

So naturally I got pissed because she was pissed about something I dont remember doing...

So I headed out to the garage aka "Mancave". Started out as a four car garage but now is an oversized two car with an office and full bathroom and shower on the other side.

I was working on a few cars and got pretty hungry but she was still a little ticked so I went in the house and grabbed a some random stuff out of the cabinet, a pan, and a pound of hamburger.

I fired up wood burning stove and proceeded with the stew process!

1lb Lean Hamburger
1 can of Corn
1 can of Greenbeans
1 6oz Can of Tomatoe Paste
1 8oz Can of Tomatoe Sauce
1 Beef stew seasoning packet

Step #1 Brown Hamburger

Step #2 add all the other shit!

Step #3 take the corn or greenbean can and use it to add water to the mixture x3.

Step #4 Simmer for about 10 min to reduce it down a bit!

Serves 4-8 depending how hungry you are and the total cost is about $8 or less!

Try it and Enjoy! I just fixed this up tonight...inside this time!

Austin Webb

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actually made a higher end variation of this on friday. used stew meat i had around and a bunch of random bags of frozen veggies. good stuff
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