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Do I need new shocks/struts with new lowering springs?

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I have a set of 2" Tokico lowering springs from my buddy. I have heard that you do need new shocks/struts, and I have also heard that you don't.

I'm assuming I should probably get new shocks/struts before attempting to lower my 1995 Honda Civic EX Coupe since the springs are 2".

If that is the case can someone help me out with finding a set, and any other information I should know/be aware of? I'm new to this and have never lowered a car before. :bigok:
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Most people totally over look replacing there shocks or maintaining there suspension in general. I see woo many car bouncing around and and nose diving so hard add stops lights that they almost slide into the intersection not to mention all the cars I've towed with busted ball joints . People hear the front end squeeking and just keep driving there cars till the front end collapses. Usually while doing a U or sharp turn at low speed....
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