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I have a 1997 integra

I'm planning a mini-me on my sohc zc using a JDM d15b vti cylinder head

The zc dizzy is a 7 wire mitsubishi unit - all the wires on the connector are in a line, not side by side (two bollts holding it in place)

I'll think i'll be using a p08 ecu

Now, the problem is that i'm told that if i use a p08 (or any vtec ecu) i need to use the 9 wire dizzy off the JDM d15b because the zc dizzy has no wires for the rpm signal.

I don't mind wiring up the 9 wire dizzy but i can find any info on the 7 wire dizzy so i don't know what wires go where

Any help would be great, thanks :)
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