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Saw this write-up on VW Vortex of all places and thought I would try it myself and see how it turned out. I must say, I'm pretty impressed. I took pictures of the process to better show how it looks/works.

What you need:
1 can of Yellow DupliColor Metalcast spraypaint($5 at Napa)
Tape(if you aren't removing the fogs to paint)
Windex to clean the lens

I actually did this on my Ford Explorer to appease the ricer hidden deep down inside me. One of my factory fogs was smashed so I bought a used one on eBay. Figured since I was under the rig removing the broken one, I would pull out the good one as well and try this paint out.


I chose not to tape mine, because the bumper covers most of the lens and also because I'm lazy lol.

Basically just apply an even coat to the lens and let it dry. Don't put on too much because you don't want runs. Also don't use a hairdryer to speed up the process, I tried this on a test piece of glass and it made the paint foggy as hell.

Once the first coat dries, apply another even coat, so on and so on until you like how dark it is. I ended up only doing 4 coats because it looked good enough to me.

First coat

Second coat, a little darker

Third coat, even darker yet

I don't have a picture of the fogs on the ground with the 4th coat, but here is how they look on the rig

I'll test them out when it's dark to see if I like them.
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