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Common problem for turbocharging Civic and other cars is intercooler piping and windshield washer reservoir clearance. Most of us are running without washer fluid reservoir (I did for 4 years), some are creative enough to replace it with smaller ones or reservoir bags.

When I wanted to make it for my Civic I searched if anyone has tried to make half reservoir of OEM one. Didn't find anything so gave a chance to try it myself.

Basically I made this one from two Civic windshield washer reservoirs. One was in perfect condition the other one was cracked and meant to be thrown away anyway. I do not have step-by-step photos to show you, but what I did was following:

1. Measure how much do you need to shorten reservoir to clear intercooler piping. Probably you do not want to go too close because pre intercooler piping sometimes gets hot.
2. Mark and cut bottom of the reservoir as straight as you can.
3. Cut rectangle shaped pieces from other reservoir (best to be the same plastic material) big enough to cover the bottom of your new reservoir.
4. Clean all attaching pieces with acetone or dissolvent.
5. Weld it with soldering iron to bottom of your new tank.
6. Fill your new reservoir with water and check for leaks. Fix all leaking places with soldering iron.
7. Drill hole and relocate fluid pump somwhere at the bottom.
X. I poured epoxy resin for plastic into the reservoir so it would seal all welds from inside. From outside I just used regular glue gun to seal all welds to ensure it won't leak.

I have to say I am very pleased with the result. No leaks, holding up great and kept that stock look in engine bay. Here is the final result:

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Pretty cool for those who use the washers..

For me the fluid strips away wax and if dries leaves a small imperfection in the paint. So my solution is to wax all my windows and its like rain-x. Lasts longer then rainx also.

But kool diy for those needing it.
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