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Hey guys. Thanks for the info on the window regulator repair. As promised here is a detailed DIY guide on how to repair this piece of equipment.
Now I am not the most technical honda fanatic but I will try my best to expain how I replaced this common problem with our lovely Honda Civics.
I have pictures of everything that I am going up upload into their proper places once I figure out how to resize them so i can upload them to

BTW: an extra set of hands is helpful for this as fitting the window back in the rail can be made easier with a friend.


Philips Screw Driver
10mm Socket
3/8 Rachet
3/8 Extension
T-20 Torx Screw Driver (for power windows only)

Step 1:

Remove your door speaker 3-4 Philips screws hold it down.

Step 2:

Remove the screws holding the cover over your door handle and power window switchs. These are also Philips head screws. The one holding your handle cover is right under the handle and the switch cover is right in the centre of the cubby.

Step 3:

This part is slightly tricky, you need to lower your window down to so you can access the two bolts than attach the regulator to the bottom of the window. the left one is easy to see the right one is where you need to lower the window until you are able to access the bolt through a access hole in your door. After you loosen the bolts you can get your friend (or yourself) to remove the window from the door. use your 10mm socket and 3/8 rachet with extension to reach the bolt on the right side.

Step 4:

Now that you have the window removed you can go ahead and remove the two bolts that mount the pivot portion of the regulator to the door. they are located just above where the left bolt that held the window on was. they are also 10mm head bolts.

Step 4:

Now that everything else is unbolted, look to where the motor is (assuming you have power windows) this is also where the regulator gear is (the part that breaks). This gear is either powered by a electric DC motor or your hand. There are four (4) bolts mounting the motor to the door. These need to be loosened and they have 10mm heads.

Step 5:

Now that everything is unbolted, you can go ahead and fold it together and slide it out the service access hole (where the left bolt that held the window to the regulator was located)

Step 6:

This really only applies to cars with power windows, but you need to remove the motor from the regulator. the motor is attached using three (3) Torx head screws. Install the motor to the new regulator in the same way it was attached to the old one. obviously i know :p

Step 7:

Fold the regulator together and slide it into the service access hole you removed the old one from. make sure its not backwards.

Step 8:

I found it easier to mount the motor first. Line it up with the four (4) holes, and bolt it back to the door. make sure you feed the plug for the motor threw back through a hole to the the female end of its plug.

Step 9:

Bolt the Regulator "pivot" bar back to the door, this is the the bar that is held with the two (2) bolts that are located just above where the left bolt that mounts the window to the regulator is.

Step 10:

This is where extra hands is helpful. Have a friend slide your window back down into the door, make sure the window is IN the rails properly. If you have Tinted windows be expecially careful not to rip the tint, its very easy to do.

Step 11:

While your friend holds the window in place, bolt the bottom two bolts that attach the window to the regulator. If the bolt holes dont line up with the holes like they did when you removed them, you can plug your window switchs back in and just lower it (or raise) back so you can access them through the holes.

Step 12:

Reinstalled the door insert and the trim covers for the door handle and switchs and your done, you replaced your window regulator! double cheak the make sure the window goes up and down properly before you put everything back together.
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