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I have a 94 DX hatch the front wheel like to rub on this area wher the inner fender meet the frame

Tools Required
-Phillips head screwdriver
-jack to raise car
-jack stand
-Rubberized undercoating spray (auto zone)
-Lug nut remover

1.Jack up car
2.remove wheel
3.remove plastic splash guard

4.cut a portion of where the trim was spot welded together where your upper control arms ball joints at, about 3inches long

-I hear when you buy a camber kit like the skunk 2 this is a problem, the outer point of the Control arm wants to hit this area, if i bent it over right there it would be worse, so i cut only where the control arm travel up into my upper shock tower

Behind this plastic piece is metal like this...

(i only cut this much metal on both wheel wells, the long piece is how much i cut total) (the two small pieces are from the passenger side wheel well)

-*Cutting too much could be harmful, but this is not a structural point on the car*

5.Bend the rest of the metal you didn't cut over with a hammer, be careful not to hit your fender

As you can see i was rubbing this trim

-I'm leaving the plastic on there with the stuff behind it cut and bent over to see how much my tires really rub

6.I then bought a can of Dupont Rubberized undercoat spray, and sprayed where i cut and bent the metal so it would not rust

7.wait a little while and screw the plastic splash guard back on

8.Put wheel on, Lower jack, and it shouldn't damage your tires anymore with those scrapes into the tread, everything should be even and flat above your wheel

-I also sprayed more around my shock area

-I'm going to spray more when the suspension is out when i receive my skunk 2 camber kit

Thank you for viewing, Give any input you want
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