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Here's a DIY on replacing the rear window motor/regulator on an EG (sedan obviously). I assume it would be similar on EF/EK chassis, though I can't verify that.

Tools Needed:
10mm Ratcheting Wrench
10mm Socket and Ratchet
Test Light or DVOM
Phillips Screwdriver
Strong Masking Tape
An Assistant for about 30 Seconds

First you'll want to verify that the regulator is the problem. The easiest way to do this is to see if it works from either switch, if it doesn't then get a test light or DVOM.

After removing the door panel hook your tester to the two wires on the car harness that go to the regulator. Hit the button one way, if you get voltage (or a light) go the other direction, if you get voltage or a light again then your switches/wiring are good.

It doesn't matter which way you hook up, you'll get + voltage with the switch going one way and - voltage the other.

If you don't have voltage or a light in both directions then you have another problem. (switches, fuses, relays etc).

If you get voltage/light in both directions then it's time to move on to replacing the regulator and motor assembly.

First tape the glass in place, use strong tape and use a few pieces. I took the pic before I put on 3-4 more pieces, use plenty, if it falls it could break the window or the tabs.

You'll need a 10mm ratcheting wrench to take out the 2 bolts that hold the regulator to the glass, you won't be able to see them so you will have to stick your hand inside the door to find them, looking at your new regulator will help you locate them. They'll be about where the red circles are in this pic. This is where you need the ratcheting wrench. Don't mix these bolts up with the others, they are a special shouldered bolt and using a regular bolt could break the window or the tab.

Once you have those 2 bolts out you can take out the 3 bolts for the regulator and the three for the motor, you don't have to take the motor bolts all the way out but you can, doesn't matter.

Fish the old one out through the door holes.

Put the 3 bolts part way into the new motor and into the rear upper bolt hole in the regulator.

Put the new motor and regulator in place.

Bolt the motor in tight and the regulator in finger tight.

Plug in the motor and run it down until you can see the bolt holes that hold the window to the regulator through the door.

Get an assistant and remove the tape from the window and slowly lower it until the holes line up with the bracket in the regulator, making sure to keep the window as level as possible so it doesn't slip off the track. Insert and tighten the bolts. Run the window up and down a few times then all the way up. Tighten the regulator bolts. Reinstall the door panel and you're done.

Overall a pretty easy job, hardest part is getting to the bolts that hold the window to the regulator with the window all the way up, if you're lucky yours will fail in the down position.
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