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Ok so some time you have no choice but to mod some thing to get some thing done.(got to love SA with very little honda knowlage and cheap/avalible parts...:( )

Ok so i search the net and found nothing so im going to post this myself sorry if its a re-post.

Okay so the background i need some odb1 injectors to troubleshoot with and when 2 mates fell through i looked into modding the 2 sets of ODB2's i had lying around.

So marked in red are the areas you need to take note of.

On the left pre modded ODB2 compared to the normal ODB1

Again left ODB2 compared to the ODB1. but here you can see the major diff in the 2. the clips and the connectors.
on the ODB2 the connection is toward the top of the injector(bottom in the pic) and the odb1 it is very centred. so with a small flat screw driver i pushed them forward to center them as well as removed the clips on the sides.

I plugged them in and the work 100% on the odb1 setup. hope this helps some one if they need to do the same.

Oh one more thing to add. i have these (now im not 100% sure) but ODB1 345cc low impedince injectors and they have a diff connector then the normal odb1 i have. there is a little centre piece of plastic that will need to be removed.

just thought id share that. maybe someone has insight into that?
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