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OK so i installed the replacement window today and took some pictures and figured id post up some pics with a quick walk through as to how i did it. This is strictly for visual purposes and i am in no way responsible for anything that happens should you try this yourself using this walk through. BTW this is my first DIY writeup so.. here goes.

Tools you will need:
-A window
-Knife\box cutter blade (make sure its sharp)
-Silicone adhesive\automotive window adhesive
-Caulk gun
-Flathead screwdriver
-Double sided tape (3M mounting tape works well)
-3M painters tape
-And an afternoon of sunshine!

Adhesive and said caulk gun.

3M double sided tape

Said window

OK to start with, my window was shattered so i am not going to cover removal of the window intact. since mine was shattered all i had to do was use the blade to cut the old adhesive and pull while cutting in the direction i was pulling. the bead basically comes right off.

shattered window

Once you have the window separated from the car the fun begins. you need to cut away as much of the old adhesive as possible, so that there is as much metal as possible for the new sealant to adhere to.

after the bead had been cut from the car

the holes you see in the last two pictures is where the clips go. that's where the double sided tape comes in. depending on where you got your window, the new window should either have clips already on or will have old tape marks where they use to be. just tape them on where the old ones were.

Next, you need to clean the window with a rag and alcohol.

now run your bead around the glass.

align the clips with the holes, press in, and hold the window on for a few minutes. then find something to prop against it to keep pressure on it so that it seals nicely.

If you have anything to add, any experience or tricks are welcome. I am by no means an expert, i just like to do stuff myself instead of a shop. If i am missing anything feel free to post it up or PM me and ill edit it. here are some instructions from a Honda manual (i think). i don't remember where i got em from but they are much more clear than i am.


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i found a coat hanger and coiled piano wire helps ALOT for getting glass off in 1 piece.

What you want to do is cut about a 6" piece of coat hanger, sharpen 1 end to as sharp of a needle point as possible, then make a tight loop on the other end. Push the coat hanger through the sealant flexing it so it will conform through the ribs.

Then pull all the way through like fish tape with the piano wire attached, then wrap the ends of the piano wire around some old wood dowling, and saw through the old sealant.
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