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CPL Civic: DIY Poly Bushing, Ball Joints, Exhaust, etc... [NO-56k]

Hello :)

here is the ups i'm doing on my suspension for my 99 civic ex ej8...

what i'm doing:
- replacing all bushing by energy black
- replacing the upper ball joint & lower ball joint
- replacing tie rods
- replacing powersteering and driveshaft boots
- new brakes pads, new brake discs
- new exhaust

here is the photos of the progress in the first week of work, hope you enjoy it and help someone with questions about the install :)

it's posted on my website too, NRTeam: no rice, yes power

i will upgrade this thread as i do more stuff..
now i'm waiting for the new brakes, new arms bolts, new caliper seal set and free time hehe..

greatings from brazil, cpl.

** update 20/04/2010:

-- update 20/04/2010:

What i did:

All rubber bushing replaced by polyurethane from prothane/energy:
-Front Spring Isolators
-Front Upper Control Arm Bushing
-Front Lower Control Arm Bushing
-Front Sway Bar Bushing
-Front Shock Upper/Lower Bushing
-Rear Spring Isolators
-Rear Uppper Control Arm Bushing
-Rear Lower Control Arm Bushing
-Rear Control Arm Bushing
-Rear Shock Upper/Lower Bushing
-Rear Trailing Arm Bushing
-Tie Rod Boots
-Ball Joints Boots
-Steering box passenger side bushing

New Tie Rod Ends
New Front Wheel Hubs
New ball joints (upper/down)
New sway bar end links
New brake rotors
New brake pads
Brake caliper seal kit
Stainless Steel 60mm homemade
OBX Twin Loop Muffer



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Do you have a part number on the energy suspension lower ball joint boots? great diy
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