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Diy dizzy cap and rotor

I've decided to use this post as my first full write up so please leave any comments, suggestions, insults and praise (hopefully) in a comment below.​

The story and symptoms of a no good distributor cap:

Keeping in mind it could be a number of other things your having an issue with eg. spark plugs, spark wires etc.

My D16Y8 motor always had an issue with miss-firing when the conditions are wet outside but it was never that bad. After an engine swap and the problem getting worse I began searching the forums for a solution. Sure enough I came to the possibility that its either the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap or coil. After a couple weeks the problem got so bad that 90% of the time it was running on 3 cylinders (or so it felt). So just as a check I pulled the spark plugs out and they all looked sparkling :). So on with the fix...


In this thread I will be taking the distributor off the car for demonstration purposes and as you will soon find out because I ran into a little snag.

Step 1 Remove the Distributor from the head:
(This step is optional)

First Disconnect the 4 spark plug wires that lead into the distributor noting where they go as to not mix them up during installation. Always make sure to mark where the distributor is sitting as to not change the timing upon installation. Disconnect the electrical connector which is located on the firewall side of the distributor. Then remove the 3 bolts holding the distributor in place. Pull out of head.

Step 2 Remove the Old Distributor Cap From the Distributor:

There will be 3 X 8mm bolts securing the distributor cap on the distributor housing. Remove all three and lift the cap off.

Step 3 Remove the Old Rotor:

Begin by removing the screw which is located under the rotor where there is a passage on the protective plastic cover. Then pull the rotor straight off.

***If the rotor does not come off easily DO NOT pry on the plastic cover to get it off. You are very likely to damage the plastic cover. Instead try using a flat head and a light tap with a hammer underneath the rotor to tap it off.***

Remove the Old Rotor
Remove the old rotor.jpg

The Old Rotor
The old Rotor.jpg

Depending on what type of rotor you bought you may need to take a metal bushing off of the distributor spindle. It took me a hammer and a screwdriver around 30 minutes to get this one off. What I did was a put the flat head behind the bushing perpendicular to the spindle and hit the shaft of the flat head bar with a hammer get the darn thing off. Trust me its not the easiest thing to do with one person so I recommend getting a second person to hold the distributor as you are hitting. Again do not pry on any of the parts inside the distributor as it may break them and a 25 $ job just cost you over 100$ to get a new distributor.

Bushing Removed to fit New Rotor
Bushing removed to fit new rotor.jpg

Again (used).jpg

Distributor Rotor Ready for New Rotor
Spindle ready for new rotor.jpg

..... continued

Civic EX 1999 2dr
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DIY DIZZY CAP AND ROTOR (continuation)

Step 4 Replace the Distributor Cap Seal:

Gently pry the old seal out and fit the new one in. As simple as that!

Discard the old seal (dont forget to insert the new one)
Discard the Old seal.jpg

Step 4.5 :

Put the plastic cover back on if you had taken it off previously

Step 5 Install the New Rotor:

Slide the new rotor back on the distributor spindle. The rotor that I received did not have a screw to hold it in place with and I am fairly confident that I wont have any issues with it.

New Rotor Installed
New Rotor installed.jpg

Step 6: Install the new Distributor Cap:

Place the new distributor cap on the distributor housing and put the bolts back in place snugging them but not to tight (it is plastic after all)

By the way make sure the distributor cap looks the same (and doesn't ;P) as the old one.

New Distributor Cap
New Cap.jpg

Compare it to the old cap and you'll see exactly why it wasn't running to great

Compared to the old one.jpg

Reassembled Distributor

Step 7 Reinstall the Distributor into the head:

Place the distributor back into the head making sure that it goes in the right slot into the camshaft (the notch on the camshaft and the prong on the distributor are very slightly off centre to ensure it goes in the correct position). Put the 3 bolts that hold it in back. Reconnect the spark plug wires in the correct positions and the electrical connector on the back side of the distributor.

Then turn it over and if it starts proceed to step 8.

Step 8:

Pat yourself on the back and have a cold beer.

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Nice DIY, it could use some pictures. Maybe try to post some pics that differ from the other dizzy thread?

Civic EX 1999 2dr
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This is turning more into a about the website thread :p. What I actually did was post them to my profile page and then brought the link in. Im going to try and rewrite the thread with pictures imbedded cause im able to see them :/

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