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This DIY is how Civic FN2 Type-r seats fit into Civic EG. There are plenty people who has them fitted but quite none how they fit and what needs to be done.

I got my hands on absolutely new seats so here you go.

+ They are cheaper than Recaros
+ They are MUCH more supportive and comfy than EP3 seats
+ Newer car = better condition seats

- Yes, they are heavy (because not made by Recaro) drivers seat 27kg, passengers 25kg
- Yes, they do sit quite high
- Quite massive/thick

Seat belt buckle release mechanism does not work with EG seat belts! Swap them from EG seats or other that fits (mine was from 4th gen Prelude seats)

Basically you can use 3 rail brackets of oem EG seat and save some time, but you can also make them by hand and get your seat 3-4 cm lower. Bracket you don't need to touch and it fits already is the one on back side closer to exhaust tunnel!

Drill off all rivets from FN2 seat rail 3 brackets. Bolt one of the retained bracket into your EG and see how you will fit new brackets to rails.

Here are new brackets I made of 4mm steel. They are the same angle as original EG just bend is as close as possible to floor.

If you have welding machine, then it's straight forward job! If you don't have welder and want rails to stay intact... then comes the fun part!

When drilling all the rivets off, you must have noticed all rivet heads are quite thin so seat rails slide into each other and you can move seat forward and backwards. Now you must find bolts with thin flat heads for clearance!
I used 3 furniture 6mm bolts for the front brackets. Due to lowest possible seat position I had to make threads in brackets because nuts would not fit under for first two bolts. It can be done, but it is MUCH easier and adviseable just to weld them.
[Sorry, will make photo other time]

For back bracket there is hole for 10mm bolt but bolt head thickness does not affect anything there. For 6mm hole I used the same furniture bolt.

Overall I am really pleased with result! These seats offer great support if you don't mind extra weight. I took all side airbags out and filled empty space with regular putty, but whole set of airbags of two seats weigh 1,5kg max.

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