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what you need

1- pizza crust dough pack
2- 3 pieces of boneless chicken
3- 1/4 cup bbq sauce
4- 5-10 chunks of pineapple (how much you want up to you)
5- 1 pack of cheese (which ever you like)
6- 1 tbl spoon veg, oil
7- 1 cup water
1 baby and 1 dog for moral support

(NOTE i had planned on making regualr pizza but i saw we had pineapples so siad screw it lol)

-pre heat oven to 475
-mix dough pack, water and veg oil together
-have chicken "simmer in oven while you are doing this ++dont cook chicken completely as you will need to leave time for it to cook while on pizza++
-put dough on greased pan for 5-7 mins then pull out put bbq sauce, pinealpple and chicken and cheese on top
-cook for 9-11 minutes depending on desired crust


**pics up loading**

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You have combined my 3 favorite types of pizza. You sir, are my hero.
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