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DIY Brighten your gauge cluster

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This is just a simple task of removing the light defuser in your cluster to allow more light flow down onto your gauges. sorry if it blows...

Lets get to it.
You'll need:
-Small screwdriver. the screws are phillips head, but if it's small enough you can use a Flat head.
(Thats it!)

1. Start by locating the 4 screws that hold the gauge cluster cover on.

2. Remove them-

As for these two, just pop the little covers off and unscrew them.

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3. As you start to pull the gauge cluster cover off, you'll feel some tension. Don't yank on it. Just look back behind it and you'll notice that your Hazard switch, Light dimmer, and rear defroster switches(if it's an SI) are holding it. Just unplug them and it will come right out.

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4. On top of the gauge cluster you will find a small white plastic strip, the bulb housing. Unscrew the 2 screws holding it down and lift it up.

5. With this up, you'll see a reddish colored light defuser. Remove it. As you can see, that light defuser does a lot more than just turn the light the color orange. it actually blocks the majority of the light from the bulbs.

And thats all!

If you want color in your cluster, take a piece of plastic, whatever color you want, and cut it to size and put it where the OEM piece was.

Comments are always welcome.
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nice. definitley gonna go do that :)
nice write up, nice sterring wheel.
Would I be able to put one of those 90-91 CRX cluster hoods on my hatch?

Nice writeup BTW, got some night time pics?
Nice Pics! very detailed!
lets see it lit up
one of my bulbs is burnt out, but when I replace it, I'll snap some pics.
I think theres a couple pics over on H-T. lemme find 'em...
*rummage rummage*
guy said:


I didn't like how bright it was so I decided to stick some blue clear film in place of the amber lens:


The blue film and needles look nice. Good job on the write up
:TU: wow, nice pictures and write up.
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that blue does look sick...good job with the write up
that blue does look very good i think it would look great in my car along with all the suttle blue neons i have hidden throughout the car
where did you get the blue film from and what would i look for?
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