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I've seen the seat belt conversion from door mounted, to pillar. But I actually like the door belt better. They are never in your way when you need to flip the seat forward, and get to the cargo tray or reach in the back of your rex.

However, they are very uncomfortable for shorter drivers such as myself. I'm a short guy at 5'6" and as I looked over at my hatch, I noticed the shoulder belt bolt is angled down. I thought I would swap them out and the end results are perfect. By swapping the belts from a hatch, to a CRX, the shoulder bolt will be apx 3" lower. This will position the shoulder belt across the driver and passengers shoulder, rather than their neck with the factory belts. This provides a much more comfortable driving experience as well as improved crash safety. I do not hold any responsibility if you do this conversion. I am simply going off of speculation and theory.

You will need:
Door mounted seat belts from a 90-91 civic Hatchback
Door mount seat belt bolts.
Tools doh. Mainly a phillips screwdriver, 10mm, 14mm socket.

First we look at the stock CRX door shoulder mount. Note the angle and position on the door pillar.

Remove the door panel and seat belt assembly. It has 2 re-tractors and be sure to use the pillar bolt that goes with the seat belt set. They have a different thread count and pitch. If you do not use the right bolt you will strip the threads out causing weakness to the mount.

This is where the converted hatch belt sits now. It is about 3" lower on the pillar.

You may now notice after the swap, there is some "slack" in the belt when it retracts. This is due to a stopper on the lower lap belt re-tractor. Carefully cut the threads for the stopper. It is sewn on is not part of the actual belt. Be careful not to cut any belt material. All this does is keep the lower retractor pulling in too much belt. The reason is the positioning of the buckle latch.

Tah dah!! No more seat belt rubbing on your neck! Average height 5'10 1/2" ...yeah right.

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