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Alright guys i know this has been covered before, and there is alot of DIY in the past but all the links are broken. Theres alot of explainations on how to do this but no pics. I didn't take alot of pics because it is self explanitory, but it will help give you a visual for what everyone else explains. It's a very simple mod and took me a total of about 10 minutes.

Ok to start of here is a front handle next to a rear handle. Notice the rear handle lacks a key hole, and it has a long rod going through the handle and the front only has a threaded stud on one side.

Now basically you need to remove the rod on the rear handles and duplicate the door rod stud onto the rear handle. To do this you need to pry open these little white clips and press the rod through it while holding them open.

Now this can be a bit difficult, so take your time and be patient so you do not break anything. To spread the clips i used two small flat heads and a punch to push out the rod. Once you have the rod out, push it as far to the other side of the handle as possible, and go to the other side and remove white plastic clip. To do this its the opposite of pushing the rod through, squeeze the plastic tabs together and push it through. Now that you have done this you can slide the rod out at an angle and remove it completely.

Now that you have completely removed the rod you can convert the handle. I actually did this without touching the front handles. I took the door rod threaded stud from the middle of the rod you just removed, and put it into the handle. To remove it, use the same process of prying and pushing it through as above. To install it, look at how the front is situated, and push the plastic clip through the correct hole, followed by the door rod stud. And thats all there is to it, the finished product should look like this:

And next to the front, identical minus the lock:

Now obviously you will no longer have keyholes, so this would only be for those with keyless entry, or those wanting to do one door. The handles will bolt up and function the same as the handles with locks in them. I do however recommend you remove the lock rod as over time the clip holding it can break and it will rattle around in your door creating locking and opening problems. Well thats it, any questions or comments please feel free to post, this is my first DIY so crtique is welcomed. Enjoy! :TU:
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