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Not too long ago, I replaced my transmission and clutch for my zc. i was short on money so i went and bought an oe replacement clutch, some generic brand. its a much improvement from my last transmission since it needed new synchros, old clutch look decent too. my question is did i screw myself by not using a premium clutch for my fairly new tranny. it sounds like its not gripping right when i take off from 1rst gear. no slippage or grinding but should i worry that this clutch will slowly f up my tranny. also i used a really expensive transmission oil, i heard i should have just used like 5w30 motor oil, is using the good tranny/differential oil bad?. i feel dumb asking these questions now instead of before but id still think if i messed up its not too late to fix. thanks.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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