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Well this is an almighty bump from the past....

Ive been away from the Honda scene for a few years now. I finally got the engine in this thread all setup and tuned, and all was good.... For a while.

I think maybe the mapping wasn't spot on, and with a few other little issues too. I ended up spinning a bearing, scoring the crank etc. And out the engine came...

When I was running, my god it pulled hard, and the car was quick...

Once the engine came out, the old standard one, with the delta 272 cam went in, and I put the fully built motor in the corner, in bits.

Its pretty much just been gathering dust for a few years now. And in that time I sadly parted company with the Black Coupe. As much as I loved it, I needed a break as the engine had upset me by dying!

But ive decided the time has come to put the engine back together. I should hopefully be acquiring a friends ej6 shell in the coming weeks. Which should hopefully give a home to the engine when its back together.

Over the last few years ive been doing a lot of rallying. Using a Peugeot 306. 2.0 16v. That has been an unbelievable money pit. I fully built an engine.. Bought a Peugeot Sport 6 speed dog box, Proflex 3 way adjustable suspension all round, to name just a few of the pricey parts! Its one of those cars that has constantly been evolving.

Im deciding to have a break for now though, as its been a bit too draining. Mentally with fixing it up all the while and having no spare time for family stuff. So im going to make the most of that, and in the bit of spare time I can justify, come back to building the Honda stuff! Anyway, hopefully il keep this updated in the near future, and below are some pictures of the 306!

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