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Delta Cam group buy.

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Through a little inspiration from another cam group buy we had on a d-series, as well as my own satisfaction with Delta cams, I decided to talk to Jon over at Delta and see if he would be interested in having a group buy for us as well. There is a lot of love for Delta and I thought it would be cool if we could introduce that to others that might be interested as well. After a few emails back and forth he decided to go for it.

FWIW, Jon did not contact me for this. I contacted him and talked to him about giving d-series members this kind of deal after the good results I have had with their cams. He didn't have to do this for us, so keep any negative comments out of this thread.

So here it is, the group buy will run until the end of December.

Custom Import Heads said:
" D "ecember group buy

This is a one time deal, Super discounted prices

the regular SOHC cam non vtec reg $93.50 sale $73.50
SOHC vtec stage 1 or 260 grind reg $135 sale $93.50
SOHC vtec stage 2 or 272 grind reg $165 sale $135
ZC cams reg $93.50 sale $73.50

All purchases require your cores to be sent in, please print the OP and list your complete return shipping address and contact number so we can call for billing info.
Instead of holding the cores until we have a run of them, we will be grinding them as they come in, usually same day turn around.

For an additional $10 I will video your actual cam being ground and post it to Youtube under your name and give you a shirt and stickers. Please write that you want the video package when you send in your cam (s) for grinding.
Interest or questions can be posted in this thread.

Address info
Custom Import Heads
2366 Tacoma Ave So
Tacoma, WA 98402
(800) 562-5500
(253) 572-2769 fax

or you can PM him on here

Another addition:
Ryan feel free to add this to the original post!!!!!

Like a lot of you I was a bit more interested in a slightly more agressive cam, after some pm'ing back and forth with custom import heads, he said he is willing to offer a 272-2 for the same price as the 272. The 272-2 is a bisi 2.4 if your like me you will be sending your cam in for some delta love

Tell your freinds, if they make 100 sales then the price will stay for 2011
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As long as it snows before january i'm in. Otherwise i'll still be using my cam. More specs would be good though. Or i can just call i guess.
Please wrap them up good and tight in the boxes/ packages !
Jon, Have you considered shrink wraping/saran wraping the cams on your part? I don't want to call you out or come off like a dick on my part on the issue cause i really don't blame you for what happened with mine but just wanted to raise the issue. I'm throwing the 260 in my dd in a few months and am sure i'll definately be happy with the power to $ ratio for this year but i'd be a little leary about the long term effects if i planned on running this cam for any longer. Again, just for conversation, It was definately oiled and boxed very well so that it wouldn't break if it was thrown around a little bit, and definately, the customer service was good. You definately did what you could to help me out after the fact. Just a question to better your service maybe?
This was a month or so ago, you pmd me back with directions to save it.
Worked well, but there was still a little bit of spotting in a few places.
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