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So everyone says don't bother.

Everyone says delta sucks.

Well for the time being I gotta disagree. The delta 260 is a GREAT street cam thats tons of fun.

My engine is a stock y7 with a y8 intake, sri, modded ebay header (collector increased in volume) and 2.25" exhaust and lemme tell you. This cam woke it the f*** up.

Before it pulled harder to 3800 like most y7 and just kept pulling that hard no matter where you shifted.

After the swap it keeps building power to 4700, then at the 5250 crossover point just makes more power as it revs all the way to redline and beyond. Im shifting at 7200 and with a stock head I think thats the limit. It stops pulling harder after 7000. But thats fine! My bottom end is stock!

It feels like a honda now, that loves getting its nuts revved off.

Its noticably quicker. Wife digs driving it a LOT. Idle is stock, zero loss in economy or dd ability.

Is it fast? No. Is it more fun? Yup. It's too late to get 1/4 mile numbers this year but I think come spring itll break into the 15s NA.

But by spring it may have a turbo. Been saying that for a while.... Its not my only driver anymore and will be parked for winter so tearing into it makes sense.
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