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It's like this: Fire goes in, nothing comes out.

Some weird problem with the distributor. This is a '90 civic SI, D16A6. The spark arrives at the distributor via a black and yellow wire that runs through a two-pronged plug. The other wire at the plug is output, a blue wire that feeds the tachometer. There's fire at the plug, but nothing comes out of the distributor.

I'm losing my mind with this problem. Everything seems intact. My initial analysis was that I'd blown the coil somehow, and after replacing the guts of the distributor with the guts of an old one I had laying around, there was still no response. So I put a WHOLE NEW DISTRIBUTOR IN THE DAMN MACHINE. And, yes, nothing.

Could the thing have a ground problem? I studied the wiring diagram and actually couldn't find a ground wire for the distributor. That's probably wrong, but if not, does the distributor ground through the engine? I suppose I could check the ground-through-the-engine notion by running a ground wire directly to the distributor body, then turning the power on and using a test light or a meter to check whether or not the circuit's complete. Does that sound like a reasonable idea?

Geez, what the hell...I don't even know what to do here. I'm outta notions. The engine is turning, the timing belt's intact, there's fire. Any of you fellow freaks tell me what's up?
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