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Guru has finally launched his Web SIte. Check it out.
First off I am in no way shape of form connected with this product or company. Its some where in South Africa is all I know.

I do know the Author of the s/w but only via the internet where we have bumped into each other on various automotive forums. Thru the years.

If there is one person who has influenced my life. In the past 10 years for the better it would have to be this guy. Dr. Neels Vanik.

I have used this software on every single build I have ever done for the past 10 years. And pretty much every single build has exceeded my expectations.

For years I have had to deal with Ridicule in the Indian Market for using and trusting this s/w. But I have no regrets.

Im sharing this because I think this is a cheap deal for those who are serious about building engines. And there isnt a single s/w out there with these features at this price point.

Engine Simulation Software, EngMod2T, EngMod4T

This is only of interest to those engine builders who are serious about building power. And understanding how things work.
If any of you are already using this s/w. Or any of you have any doubts about how it works Id be glad to help out.

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Im lost.......... read thru the site and maybe im just retarded but me no understand
From what I see, it's an engine simulator that you can use different parts and it tells the pressures as if it were running. Like if you were designing a header, so you can tell if one design is more restrictive than another. I don't know if it does any combustion chamber or rotating assembly tests to see what's going on in your engine. Seems like you have to know what you are doing to understand what it all means.
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