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02 Honda Civic Ex
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Howzit everybody
Im a noob on here. But I have a decent amount of knowledge about my d-series engine and how parts work and whatnot from reading around and stuff.
I have a D17a2 for a 02 civic
And am planning on building it.
My engines stock.. I think I'm gonna upgrade my top end with a stage 2 crower cam and rockers and etc first..
Is that a good way to start?
And eventually throw a stoker bottom end..
Is that all the work that can be upgraded on and engine?
And do I need new ecus and whatnot for the engine work I mentioned??

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throw nitrous on it, its a good upgrade lol. what are your over all intentions with the car? your valve train will depend on how high your gonan rev it and how agressive your cam is.
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