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Yeap, So as most of you know i'm in NC. I head over to HIS Motorsports in Hickory and got my car dyno tuned finally. Since the guy back home in MA wouldn't do it due to the knocking noise, this guy would. So I bite the bullet and get him to do it.

I got charged 300$ Which is not so bad. He was a pro with tuning EVO's not really honda's which kinda makes me shake my head, but we got it better then what it was i suppose.

The shop: Very new, the specialize in turbo applications. Mostly Evos and awd cars. Clean shop, dyno meter dyno very well set up.

I knew the car was acting up and slow as fuck from the mtn run in atlanta, so I had to do something about this.

Before he started tuning he made a first pull, apprently i was only having 5psi of boost.

Check out the curve, it's like perfect.
End Result below:
Max Power: 150.79 /// Max Torque:153.22

Then the guy got to work tuning it. I wish the guy specialized in honda's though but eff it. since we figured the 5PSI issue, he tuned with that, and we got 166 with vtec tuned.

Then we moved the acuator correct to 8psi where it should have been. and did a few things diff.

and ended up with this:
Max Power: 170.83 Max Torque: 175.50

So I made alot more power, but I think because he turned the acuator, im pretty sure he didn't do alot of tuning, because after we had that run, he said that's pretty much where it's gonna be. He was out of ideas. and i said fuck it and left. at least it didn't blow up on the dyno like I thought.

Car drives and pulls hard. I'm impressed with that. I wish i was somewhere near 190-200whp though..... He said if i got meth injection he would only charge for the dyno time and tune it for free.

What do you guys think?

D17 with T25 Turbo
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