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Here is my Current Build:

JG stage 1 cylinder head ported polished
Supertech springs
Supertech Titaniun retainers
Supertech keepers
Comp Cam ZEX 59300
Arp head studs
Cometic 3 layer head gasket
Skunk2 intake manifold
Omni 70 mm TB

***I had bought the head with valvetrain and then replaced all, except valves , which are supposed to be stainless.But thinking now im sacred as they could possibly be stock-- what can these handle in rev's if they are stock?

9:1 Arias forged pistons 0.50
Eagle rods
Forged crank
Super tech welded Block guard

Accel 720cc fuel injectors
Aem fuel rail and regulator
Aem cam gear

Vibrant intercooler 350hp

Turbo smart vee-port BOV
Turbonetics Evolution wastegate
Full ramhorn, with 3" DP and dump
3" cat with 3" midpipe then the rest 2.5" with cutout,
Vibrant stealth 2.5" muffler

Go-Autoworks 2.5"/2"charge pipe kit

Full Race Traction bar
Full Race Vacumn block

Hondata 3 bar map
Hondata S300 with boost control
hondata boost solenoid

Innovative LM1 wideband o2
AEM A/F gauge
Autometer DC2 electronic boost gauge
Glow Shift electronic oil pressure gauge
Glow Shift electronic oil temp gauge
Ignited EGT gauge

Glow Shift Oil cooler Sandwhich plate
B&M 12 row oil cooler

Quaife LSD
ZC/SI tranny

XTSS ACT clutch
Lightened stock flywheel

Garrett GT2860RS with ATP T3 housing
ATP 5 bolt to V-Band adapter

B&R Fuel line kit
B&R Oil line kit
B&R coolant kit
Catch can and drain back system

PTP Turbo blanket

OBD-0 to OBD-1 Rywire kit

Engine is built and now just waiting for the transplant, im just worried about the valves, should i be?

my power goals are approx 290 whp for street 230 whp for track.
I was planning on running 2 maps ,1 for occasional city driving and then 1 for time attack/lapping events

The car currently sits with a fully sorted suspension and brake system


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To answer your question stock valves will handle more than your shooting for. Honestly I haven't seen stock valves fail. Your running aftermarket springs so you'll be able to turn some rpms with no problem

Also a stock Honda crank has been proven to 600+ HP.

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Sounds like a lot of effort(money) for 300whp. Dont get me wrong, its a sweet set-up. Should run great if built and tuned right.

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Thanks, and thanks for the input.
I originally wanted the Turbonetics GT-K 325/350, but bought the 2860 on a great price point.

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Nice build, like said before that is a big stack of paper for only 300whp lol, but for you tracking the car it will deffently help and be worth it in the long have plenty of build room to go higher then that for sure, just dont go popping it now.

And alotta people talk smack on OEM product but they dont relize that alot of OEM parts will hold up better/last longer then aftermarket parts.
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