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D16Z6 intake manifold on my 98 civic

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Is it possible to swap on a D16z6 intake manifold onto my 98 civic dx which had the D16y7 intake manifold originally?
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NO, no no!!!

I have a Z6 intake manifold on my 96 Y7 and I originally tried the Z6 TB gasket... It kept pulsing from 1500-2000 because it didn't line up with the various ports on the Y7 TB and had a huge vacuum leak. I went back to a Y7 TB gasket and everything was fixed. Always use the gasket for the TB, not the manifold!

In my opinion, the Z6 manifold is just as good as the Y8. It flows well, but just has a slightly smaller plenum. Maybe a difference of 1-2 hp at most, but considering that z6 mani's are available real cheap, it's still worth it in my mind.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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