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The Question: Has anyone ever used a Head Spacer Shim like DNJ #HS297?

DNJ #HS297

Hey guys I'm building my NA road race engine for my 91 Civic track car. I have had 3 builds in the last 3 years and having problems so I'm doing this one myself and learning as I go. My tuner would like me to be at 11:1 CR or lower because we plan to use 91 octane fuel.

I have a completely rebuilt Z6 head with a Crower stage 3 cam, .5mm overbored Z6 block, Stock rods, YCP P29 75.5 mm pistons. The block has not been decked but the head has been milled and I'm working on that amount.

Using CR Calulator and a 2mm .079 thick Greddy head gasket I can get to a 11.03:1 if the head has not been milled more than .010. If the head has been milled more than .010 then I will need to use a Head Spacer Shim between the block and head gasket to stay below 11.03:1.
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