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Hey Guys:

So i found several guys that are willing to help me with my issue. So this is my Issue:

1: D16Z6 w/ Auto Transmission going into a custom Kit Car Mid Engine
2: Wanna use Factory P28 and Engine Wiring Harness
3: Wanna use Factory Speedometer and Guages
4: Wanna use a Painless type wiring harness for the chassis, ie headlights, taillights, ignition and etc
5: Everyone i've talked to says it could be done and they can help, then poof they are gone.......

need to know if it could be done without spending an arm and a leg.

I've done restoration wiring and other component wiring, but i'm new to the Honda wiring and need to get my head wrapped around it....

Thanks Roger

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Just buy a whole civic cheap then you have everything you need including the harness for lights.
Remove all the unwanted accessories from the harness and be done.
The car will have the drive train the wiring and the fuel cell with all the plumbing.

Then you can just swap it into whatever you want to.
These are civics not a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California SWB Spider.
Go find a wrecked one with rear end damage for next to nothing.

Then you have something to rob parts from as you move forward with the build.
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