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So here's my current setup.

I've had a D16Z6 machined
YCP Coated Vitara 75mm pistons
Eagle rods
ARP Headstuds
Honda Headgasket
FID 630cc Injectors
OEM Good quality Honda Dizzy
2.5 inch open Downpipe
P28 ECU on Neptune street and Dyno tuned
Turbo smart MBC
Aluminum 2 row radiator
A/C delete
Factory D15B7 transmission (GM Syncromesh Fluid)
EMUSA 50 trim, log cast manifold, eBay piping and IC
KY Clutch Stage 3 Pressure plate and 6 puck sprung clutch
ACT lightweight flywheel
Polyurethane engine mount inserts
GM 3 bar Map sensor
Walboro 255LPH pump

All assembly, install, build and tune is done by Eric Jarvis at Mad Scientist auto.

My question is, he's wanting me to do a 3 inch Downpipe vs my 2.5.

As well as boost by gear instead of my MBC

I understand his point, on both. But I'm looking for 280-300hp.

Would I be able to make this power on a 2.5 Downpipe? I know the spool will take longer, but with already running a factory transmission that could go at any moment, and a built one costing $900

I really just wanted a fun reliable street car.

Any input is appreciated


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Well we didn't know which way we wanted the turbo to face at first, so I already bought 2 / 2.5 inch Downpipes. One for each way the turbo faces.

So spending ANOTHER $300 on a 3 inch to me is just way too much seeing as the bill so far is over $4,000.

I just wanna finish it honestly so even 285hp I'm fine with

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gotta pay to play. also, better do some reading on what oil to use in your transmissions
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