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Hey guys, so I've got a d16z6 fully built block with a d16y8 head with a d16z6 stage 1 comps cam.

I set the mechanical timing like you would for a z6 head with the cam gear lone bottom mark aiming at the back cover and the block obviously at the lone white mark. Car starts up good and actually runs great. I just had one doubt and one question.

My tune has 12 degrees on the idle section as it would be for a y8 head because I am running that head. Service port jumped. Idling at 750. D15B7 OBD1 distributor on a p28 ECU has to be advanced fully towards firewall for it to line up perfect with 12 degrees on the crank when I shine the timing light. Now, not saying that I did it wrong, car actually runs great, but I can't info anywhere if this would be correct when running a z6 cam on a y8 head.. distributor has to be advanced fully. I find info on y8 head with y8 cams and different setups, but not this. Please explain to me if this is correct and why, or if it's wrong and why.

Thanks again!

PS using d15b7 distributor because it has the exact same mounting points as a d16y8 distributor, but is obd1.
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