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Fallen into an unusual situation. Not sure if to leave things alone or undo a few things.

I have a 94 Civic EG that spun main bearing on D16Z6 VTEC.
(The Cylinder head and all parts in great condition)

Found and bought 2 motors in great shape.
1. D16Z6 w/D15B VTEC head. Just rebuilt, has maybe 500miles on it.
Plan on using this motor so cleaned, painted and is ready to install.
2. D15B7 non-VTEC. Motor rebuilt (new pistons in engine look sweet)
Cylinder head in back from machine shop in box to keep clean.
All other parts in several box (didn't get ECU) [Save or sell later]

Life happens and need fast cash to help daughter. Selling D15B , so went to install cylinder head, opened box and removed valve cover. Removed it from the box and immediately saw that all of the cam holder bolts are missing. Everything needs to be adjusted. (I should've checked better when bought engine.)

I still have original D16Z6 and immediately thought of using it on D15B, or should I switch everything around to match. Put my original D16 head on the
new Z6 block and the D15B VTEC head on the D15B7 block.

Which way to go? Not thinking clearly so taking lunch break and thought would ask for some advice.
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