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D16Z6 Clearance

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hey guys,
I've got a D16Z6 with P29 pistons installed. I'm using a 1.5mm HG, with a total of 0.005" shaved of the head and block. The cam is a Comp Cam stg 2.

When I originally tried claying the motor, everything looked good so I went and bolted everything down. I see now that I goofed... I forgot to lock vtec when I did the clay test and now since it's sealed, I'd like to avoid taking it back apart (would like to preserve the headgasket, studs and o-ring).

So with the above combo of P29's, Comp Cam and the 1.5mm HG, and 0.005" shaved off, do you think there will be enough clearance between the pistons and valves? BTW, when I've used the online calculators, I've gotten a final comp ratio of 11.57:1 for the static rate.

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every combination is a little different but a few people have ran this without issue.
when i had my 59300 cam i clayed it with the pm7 pistons and saw no clearance issues. I know also Moose from another board ran the same combo without problems as well. How much clearance did you have with the vtec disengaged?

It looked like lots. I put decent size pieces of clay in the valve reliefs and they hardly made an impression. I would guess 3-5 mm. I was thinking it will be okay, but I was just wondering if anyone had ran a similar combo and could comment.

the pistons i was using pm7's are the same as the p29's. I saw no clerance issues although i dont recall the exact numbers in the clay with the zex cam which is the same that your running. I have had no issues with the crower 3 cam either, that one had about 4* retard before it was too close for comfort. Moose ran the same combo with the zex cam an had plenty of clerance as well.

From what you say about your clerance in the clay i see no issues for you. also your running a thicker gasket.
I'm also running this setup but with a ZEX cam and PM7's, and have had no problems. Are you useing a OEM Y8 HG or non-oem?
Non OEM. It's a copper HG. I went with a slightly thicker 1.5mm (vs 1mm OEM) just to be a little safer on compression. I did get the block o-ringed and put a block guard in place to keep the cylinder vibration down. I also put in ARP studs just to keep it clamped down tight.

First time playing with a honda motor. Always been a toyota and mazda freak. I'm excited to see what happens though. I just am amazed that people run 12+ compression on these motors with pump gas.
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