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Alright so I noticed while I was swapping out valves on my P08 head that the Camshaft looked much different compared to the stock camshaft I had on hand. I compared them side by side and sure enough the cam lobes are different, I'm assuming this is most likely an aftermarket cam but wasn't having much luck finding details on it.

Anyone have any experience or info on it?

Marking on end of camshaft shows 'BW26'.

The lower marking on the paper is from the lobe on the stock camshaft with the top one being the same lobe on the other camshaft.

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Possibly a reground d15b vtec camshaft. lift is slightly different, duration is slightly different on a few years.

See about measuring the overall lobe height, from the base circle on the back to the end of the lift lobe. You may find the cam has a different base circle if it has indeed been reground.

The dimples on the sides of the lobes do not ring a bell as far as honda OEM though.
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