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d16z6 build question

im building d16z6 i have d16z6 block n head i have
srp 9:1 (75mm)
Crower turbo cam
Titanium springs and retainers
arp head studs
blox block guard
Eagle h beam rods
acl race bearings
Greddy 14g turbo (going to biger turbo 16g)
Greddy fmic
Greddy turbo sp exhaust
Cat delete pipe
Centerforce dual friction clutch
Greddy fuel mgmt (blue) box - (more thinking about chip ecu)
D15 transmission

im going to buy Ferrea 5000 valves
what size injectors do i need 2 buy ?
thanks for the help
im thinking get 350hwp or more w/this setup u guy think i get that or more
if u know any can help me on setup let me know thanks forr the help
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