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D16z6 budget build!

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SO, I bought a used d16z6 to build up for a turbo setup. I was going to use the d16 that i have right now, but i has a warped head and f'ed HG i think so i thought it was worth the extra $400 for a new d16 that didn't drink so much water.
So here is what i have so far.
Vitara pistons from FJD
FJD Custom H beams
.03 HG
ACL Race bearings
supertech valve springs and titanium retainers
Bisimoto 2.4 Turbo cam
Bisimoto cam gear
Walbro gss342 pump

I want a new fuel rail
1000 cc injectors
hondata s300
venom intake manifold

but I like what i have so far. I start building tomorrow yay for me!
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3 angle valve job in the works maybe?

Still need to figure out what turbo manifold i want to use and the turbo i am going to get. Both are still up in the air right now.
Goals: 500 hp area.

Any other suggestions i am all ears.
start with a lower horsepower goal unless you have more experience then number of posts
about 5 years ago i had a ek turbo at 9 psi. I got tired of getting pulled over all the time so i sold it. Now i moved so i am a lot better off then i was 5 years ago much boost do you plan on running???
lol looking for around 25 psi ...
If i end up with 425 - 475 i will still be happy
I should be my engine back from the shop tomorrow or friday! Pics of the block once i get it back.

Or i will post photos of the small claims court papers if its fucked up LOL!
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What are you having the shop do to the block?
oh em gee is that sleeves??? :p
I am having them install the darton sleeves and install the new parts into the block.
because they only wanted $100 more to reassemble the block
I defiantly wanna see this when its all said it done.:bigok:

maybe i missed it but what is this going into?
a 92 black hatch.

The want list has changed and some of it I have now
I got a Golden Eagle intake manifold
I am going to get 1600 cc injectors
I ordered a AEM EMU
I have a top mount on its way?
and i want a bullseye S362
This whole build has been ahhhhh whats another $200 - 500 here or there :(
so how fast did you go at the track with your last set-up. reason i ask is most people who want 500hp right off that bat usually don't even have the exp(seat time) to even support a goal like 500hp. so if you don't have the exp put your goals lower and get some seat time then set your goals higher.

either way good luck with your build
My 5 lug CTR change over should be here soon!
woot woot!
i guess this is a budget build if youre a baller, lol.

good shit. good luck on the project. all that wont mean shit if you dont have some mickey's, nitto's or bfg's.
wait, your going sleeved on vitaras?
lol budget sleeved block 5 lug bisi cam'd 500hp setup?

come on....

its way awesome'er than a budget build! haha
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