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Hey guys,

I've been lurking around the forums for quite some while to get much needed info on swaps and various other things but this is my first post, I wish I wouldn't have to do this but I don't know what else to try at this point.

Okay, here we go! I've swapped a D16Z6 in my '98 EJ6 coupe a few weeks ago, the engine came from a Del Sol of a good friend of mine and never had any problems. However, since we've put the engine in my car it's been releasing massive clouds of blue smoke.

The smoke usually comes when coming to a full standstill near a traffic light, downshifting and acceleration in general. When nearing a traffic light and coming to a full stop, tons of smoke come from my exhaust and fly everywhere. The weird thing is, if I hold down my clutch while braking for a traffic light, there's barely any smoke. If I leave the clutch up and just use the brakes, there's alot.

Another thing is, my ECU is giving me Engine Code 4 sometimes, this should be CPS. I replaced the dizzy and wiring loom but no results, tried with stock ECU instead of my chipped one and it's still the same. Check engine light turns on after roughly 5 minutes of driving.

Now comes the weird part, when the check engine light is on, my car idles at 1500 RPM. When this light is on, the smoke is so much less, it's almost like there is none at all. Without the check engine light, my car idles at around 700 RPM and it's like vapenation form my exhaust..

So we tried and replaced a few things to see if it would solve anything :

- New dizzy
- New spark plugs
- New Valve seals
- New wiring harness
- Stock ECU
- 15W40 instead of 10W40
- New oil filter
- Checked PCV
- New clutch (not related, but old one broke down)
- Total engine conditioner through intake
- Oil flush
- Total engine cleaner through oil (flushed again afterwards)

At this point I have no idea what else to try and replace. Well, I was thinking about replacing the piston rings but would that even be an option since the engine came out of the Del Sol without any problems.

It does burn through the oil, however not as much as I expected seeing the clouds that come from my exhaust...

Anyway, does anybody have any idea what else I can try? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Note : The VTEC Oil Pressure sensor is not connected, it is on the block but not on the cable tree from my EJ6. We disabled this sensor in the ECU. Not sure if this helps anything but car smokes both in and out of VTEC.


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Sound Valve Seals to me.. or try to adjust valves again...
He replaced valve seals, sounds to me like worn valve guides. Honda's are not very forgiving when there is any wear on the valve guides.
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