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d16z from 125 hp to 300hp

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i just bought this car two months ago.

a month ago after goin on a 3 hour journey topping it out at 110mph on flat i ended up very unhappy when i headed up a long but non steep incline. as i begame to go up the car slowed down alot all the way down to 80mph. i know i shouldn't be speeding but it was 2in the morning on route 17 if you know where that is. the reason why i want to get around this much hp (or even better whp) is because people in my town rag on me because i have a honda. so i want them to know that honda's can run too. i'm goin for naturally aspirated sleeper type. ok but my questions are.....

how should i start the owrk on the engine?

and i know i'm goin to have to do a few things to the transmission. what will that be?
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NO no it stock civic like that is gonna get there easily... if at all
My 94 ex coupe topped out at 125mph when it was bone stock.
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