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Engine Specs:
-Firing Order(1-3-4-2)
-Compression Ratio(9.6:1)
-Horsepower([email protected])
-Torque([email protected])
-Deck Height(8.347")
-Rod Length(5.394")
-Oil Pressure at 3000RPM(50psi)
-Oil Pressure at Idle(10psi)
-Standard Cylinder Compression(184psi)
-Valve Clearances:
-Piston Cleareances:
-Piston Diameter(2.9520"-2.9524")
-Piston-to-cylinder wall clearance
-Service Limit(0.002")
-Ring Groove Clearance
-Top Compression Ring
-Service Limit(0.005")
-2nd Compression Ring
-Service Limit(0.005")
-Ring end gap
-Top compression ring
-Service Limit(0.024")
-2nd compression ring
-Service Limit(0.028")
-Oil Control Ring
-Service limit(0.031")
-Throttle Body Size:
-Head Chamber Volume:
-Cylinder Head Specs:

Torque Specs:
-8mm Camshaft Bolts(14ft-lbs)
-6mm Camshaft Bolts(9ft-lbs)
-Camshaft Pulley Bolt(27ft-lbs)
-Crankshaft Pulley Bolt(14ft-lbs+90*)
-Connecting Rod Nut(23ft-lbs)
-Cylinder Head Bolts:
Note: Torque Inside out Diagonally
1. Bolts 1-10(15ft-lbs)
2. Bolts 1-10(36ft-lbs)
3. Bolts 1-10(49ft-lbs)
4. Bolts 1 & 2(49ft-lbs)
-Distributer Mount Bolt(17ft-lbs)
-Flywheel Bolt(87ft-lbs)
-Intake Manifold Nuts(17ft-lbs)
-Exhaust Manifold Nuts(23ft-lbs)
-Water Pump Bolts(9ft-lbs)
-Timing Belt Cover(8ft-lbs)
-Timing Belt Tensioner(33ft-lbs)
-Valve Cover Bolts(8ft-lbs)
-Oil Pan Bolts(9ft-lbs)
-Oil Pressure Switch(13ft-lbs)
-Oil Pan Drain Plug(29ft-lbs)
-Main Bearing Cap Bolt
1. (18ft-lbs)
2. (36ft-lbs)
-End Rocker Arm Shaft Cap(16ft-lbs)
-Timing Belt Adjuster Bolt(33ft-lbs)
-Valve Adjustment Nut(14ft-lbs)
-Vtec Solenoid Bolts(8.7ft-lbs)
-M/T Tranny Drain and Fill Plug(35ft-lbs)
-Wheel Lug Nuts(80ft-lbs)
-Fuel Filter Banjo Bolt(16ft-lbs)
-Spark Plug(13ft-lbs)
-Waterpump Pulley Bolts(9ft-lbs)
-Thersmostat Housing Bolts(9ft-lbs)
-Waterpump Attaching Bolts(9ft-lbs)
-Throttle Body Nuts(16ft-lbs)
-Fuel Rail Nut(9ft-lbs)
-Tranny Case to Flywheel Housing(20ft-lbs)
-Tranny to Engine bolts(50ft-lbs)
-Cam cover crown nuts(7ft-lbs)
-Crank(vibration) damper bolt(119ft-lbs)
-Oil Pickup Tube Bolts(17ft-lbs)
-Oil Pump to Engine Block Bolts/Nuts(9ft-lbs)
-Oil Pump Screen Bolts(8ft-lbs)
-Oil Pump Cover Screws(5ft-lbs)

-Maintenance Tips:
-Valve Cover Gasket
-Apply Hondabond on corners and around cam lumps
-Cam/Rocker Tightening Order:
-Intake 13 7 5 1 3 9 11
-Exhaust 12 10 4 2 6 8 14
-Valve Adjustment
-Adjustment Order:
-Exhaust No. 1??Intake No. 1
-Exhaust No. 3??Intake No. 3
-Exhaust No. 4??Intake No. 4
-Exhaust No. 2??Intake No. 2
-Torque Each Adjustment Nut to 14ft-lbs
-After each Cylinder is Complete Rotate Camshaft 90* Counter-Clockwise(Use "UP" Mark on Cam Pulley)
-Intake Valve Clearance
-Exhaust Valve Clearance
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