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I have a 1997 honda civic with a d16y8 running on y7 ecu runs good put a p2p a31 in and hooked vtec up and it idles up down up down and it jerks in gears and doesnt drive right at all the throttle body seems like it is sucling alot of air from the hole in the throttle body if put finger over hole idle smooths out and runs perfect

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You put a y8 engine using a y7 ecu no vtec YO! is was running fine. Put in p2pa31 wired in vtec and now it's acting up.


I think A31 is for 99-00 ex obd2b. You might need a jumper harness to obd2a.

Someone else will chime in.

Edit: just cause I'm nice:)

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37820-P06-L00 AP? 742-501219 92-95 Honda Civic DX 1 5-speed
37820-P2T-A11 Z4 99-00 Honda Civic Si 2 5-speed
37820-P2P-A31 99-00 Honda Civic EX 2 5-speed
37820-P2E-A12 59 1200-246675 96-00 Honda Civic LX 2 5-speed
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37820-P2E-L02 LG 901-200297 96-00 Honda Civic DX 2 (5-speed)
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I'm pretty sure the P2P-A31 is OBD2a... and the P2P-A12 is OBD2B I have the Canadian 99-00 version and it's P2P-C12.

A quick ebay search shows the P2P-A31 has the OBD2a pinout, so he doesn't need a harness.

My 0.2 is that he needs to do the proper idle reset. been in that scenario and that's all it took... Try this straight from the manual but from my perspective:

- disconnect the Backup (7.5a) fuse from under the hood for 20 seconds (manual says 10 seconds)
- turned car back on, idle was solid at 750.
- Let it idle for 2 mins, no load,
- introduced low beam headlights. idle bumped down but back up to 750 instantly. let it idle like that for a minute,
- then turned off lights and turned fan on high with AC on, idle bumped down than back up sold just about 800.
The manual then says to let it idle for a minute with AC, I let it idle for 4, in that time the rad fan came on three times, by the third time the idle didn't bump at all, so I have to figure it was working correctly at that point.
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