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-97 d16y8 manifold. Auto, fairly clean.
-97 d16y8 auto throttle body.
-obd2 injectors from d16y8.
-dsm injectors. Came off a 98 automatic GS-T Spyder with low miles (around 50k). 450cc.
-88-91 eacv. $10
-d15b2 dpfi setup. $25
-autometer z-series air/fuel gauge. $40
-red leather shift boot. $5
-89 CRX DX Parts car. Has no front suspension/sheet metal. Rear glass is good. Um... has title. If you need any parts PM me and i'll give you a price because i have most of it laying around or $100 and you can haul the shell away.

I'm sure this is just the start. I am cleaning out my shed of all my spare parts in anticipation of moving next year.

All prices are OBO, just don't be stupid with low balling. Pictures available upon request. I was going to post a few but my camera is on the charger right now. Most of the stuff you know what it looks like though. ;)
1 - 4 of 6 Posts