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2000 Acura EL
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Hey guys just looking into some better information and tips anyone has for building a High Compression D16Y8,

I currently have one in my 2000 EL but I bought another engine and transmission off a friend for $100 (for good reason, it was shit inside)

Cylinder 2 and 3 are both egg shaped at the top of the sleeves so there is piston movement at TDC back and forth between the sleeves (more than there should be)

I thought of building this engine up and swapping it into my EL.

First thoughts were to rip apart the engine of course and get the block bored out and decked so everything is perfect again and since the sleeves are warped I presume it would have to be machined evening out the sleeves making them a little larger ? making it a 1.7 or something like that ?

After that would look into some high comp pistons (not sure what size since the block sleeves would be a little bigger)

Then add new head studs, replenish the valve train, add a cam with adjustable cam gear, head gasket (not sure what thickness would be best) and put a tune on it as well then swap it in come spring time.

Going to try and gather all the parts and work on it over the winter.

Any input or information would be great ! Hope I didn't sound to dumb explaining it all

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I know this isnt your motor, but this is a reliable 165+ hp D series car, to give you an idea of what you need to look at upgrading in your y8. This is from a member here, EGDriver93.

Eagle H-beam rods
Supertech High comp pistons 12:5:1
Supertech rings
ACL Race bearings
ARP Head studs
Bored out 75.5mm
Ferrea 6000 ss vlaves - +1mm oversized
Bronze Guides
P&P, 3 angle valve job, de-shroud, combustion chamber re-shape
Crower Ti springs, retainers, Honda valves
Bisimoto Level 3 Cam
Bisimoto cam gear
Skunk2 Intake Manifold
Skunk2 Alpha TB - 66mm
Cometic IM “cool” gasket
Cometic HG
Buddy Club Spec II exhaust
Bisimoto V2 header
Custom TB velocity stack - intake
K&N filter
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Edelbrock inline fuel filter
Earls -6AN fuel lines/ fittings
B&M fuel gauge
Chipped P28 ECU running CHROME GOLD
NGK wires/ 7E plugs
Megan Racing radiator
Custom Radiator fan w/ shroud
ES motor mount inserts
Blackworks catch can system - AN fittings

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pg6 pitons come up to 76mm in size and they are a oem piston. They are mostly a flat top so they will work great with a y8 head. As far as cams I would look at a Rocket motorsports regrind or a Colt regrind. The header will be the hardest part. There are really no good options for our motors. Just get a oem y8 head gasket.

This actually looks like a nice header as long as the description is right.

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OEM Y8 head gasket can be used up to 75.5 bore but if you go 76mm bore than the gasket will stick into the CC and burn up. Golden Eagle takes OEM Y8 head gaskets and bores them out bigger if you decide to go 76mm.

Make sure you clay the motor to see if you need to fly cut the pistons for the valves at all too.

And that header does look great, would love to try it on my car.

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Not ganna lie that header is sick in the picture, who knows actual quality and if it really is for a d series, anyways good luck on your build.
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