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I tore the Whole motor apart about a week ago after ordering everything i needed or close to it

-Thermostat Housing
-Powersteering Belt
-Ait Filter
-Timing Cover Gasket Kit
-Timing Belt
-Water Pump
-Timing Belt Tensioner
-Oil Filter
-Camshaft Seal
-Fuel Rail End Nut
-Fuel Rail End Nut Washer
-Cylinder Head Dowel(x2)
-Injector Seal(x4)
-Upper Vtec Solenoid Gasket
-Vtec Solenoid Gasket
-Fuel Filter Bolt
-Crank Front Seal
-Oil Level Indicator Seal
-Oil Pump Inlet Tube Seal(x2)
-Front Case O-ring(x2)
-Oil Pan Gasket
-Head Gasket
-Exhaust Manifold Gasket
-Intake Manifold Gasket
-Exhaust Pipe Ring
-Injector Nozzle Seal(x4)
-Injector O-ring(x4)
-Spark Plug Tube Seal(x2)
-Oil Seal
-Throttle Body Gasket
-Valve Cover Gasket
-Valve Cover Grommets(x5)
-Water Outlet O-Ring
-Intake Valve Stem Seal(x8)
-Exhaust Valve Stem Seal(x8)
-Thermostat Housing Outlet Seal
-Cylinder Head Bolts
-Tail Lights
-Oil Filter Sandwich Plate
-Volt Gauge
-Water Temperature Gauge
-Oil Pressure Gauge
-Stndrd Piston Rings

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I installed the header tonight with a new metal gasket, As well as replacing the plugs and wires. But everthing is torqued up and good. Now to set the valves and timing. Also gotta install the belts. Waiting on some rad hoses and gotta pick up oils and such to refill everything: Should be a few days untill i get those items and update...

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I have no idea if the D series is similar to the H in this respect, but if I were to go to those lengths on the H22s in our cars, I'd replace the oil pump as well. (Or at least check it very, very thoroughly.)

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I did check clearances and such and everything was ok or i would have it was replaced when the head was, which was not long ago

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I bet this thing will run pretty nice after the rebuild. What was the cause for the rebuild? Burning oil or blown HG?

Got any pics of the whole car this is going in?
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